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Natural Enemies to Natural Stone

Acid, bleach, salt, grease and oil, only some of the natural enemies of natural stone. You may hear some recommendations to apply acid once the installation is complete to seal it, although this may be safe on some types, not all stones react positively with acid.

Acid can cause severe discoloration on colors such as Kota Black. Kota Black has shown to turn yellow upon application of acid, and this in turn is one of the negative affects of acid. Sealing your stones should only be with Banas Sealers as they have been tried and tested to work without any negative effects while providing environmentally positive results.

Some sealers sold at outlet stores may also contain bleach, even if it is a small percentage. Bleach also causes discoloration, which outlines the importance of checking the chemical sheets prior to purchase.

As most are aware, salt is a harsh solution for natural stone for melting ice in the winter seasons, especially if used in an abundance. If using salt on your natural stone, we recommend a small amount dispersed evenly on the stones, ensuring the proper maintenance is taken in the spring seasons to clean the stones. Homeowners have also been known to have a broom nearby to sweep the salt from their patios when the salt is done melting the ice, this will help prevent staining caused by the sodium chloride (NaCl). Steps to maintain your stones exposed to salt in the winter seasons can be found in our article titled “The Importance of Maintaining Natural Stone in The Spring.”

If you have natural stone slabs installed as a BBQ top or counter, it is important to recognize that grease caused by food can cause staining on your stones, especially lighter colored options in our sandstone collections. Again, sealing your stones around this area will help protect the stone from harsh penetrating grease and oil, but also wiping the area clean with a damp cloth immediately upon contact will help ensure it does not stain onto the stone.

Oil caused by cars can also stain natural stone. This liquid will quickly penetrate the stones, making it an importance to clean the area immediately while the liquid is still fresh.

Although natural stone is durable, dense to its degree, and shown to be reliable in natural wonders around the world, as a homeowner it is important to take care of the stones and provide maintenance to help prevent any issues that can arise from sources such as the ones listed above. Sweeping leaves off of stones will help prevent the leaves from staining the stones, power washing the stones will help get anything foreign from its pores, and Banas Floor Shampoo will help bring out the natural colours and unique patterns as if it were installed the day before. By taking these measures and precautions, you’ll be ensured a lifetime of beautiful stone which will age like fine wine and withstand the test of time.