Jumbo Slabs

Banas Stones® natural stone jumbo slab coping adds value besides serving as a protective cover for wall coping. Adding a jumbo slab on top of existing wall coping will help to protect the wall as well as the wall coping from the elements and reduce the amount of wear from usage of the top portion of the wall. Using natural stone jumbo slabs as a cap for your wall will help to extend the life of your wall coping as well as the wall itself and will reduce the maintenance necessary to keep your wall looking its best.

In addition to acting as protective covering for wall coping, jumbo slabs can also be used as exterior countertops, BBQ slabs, coping, and jumbo paving stones. Our jumbo slabs have a rough finish and due to their thickness, are quite heavy, so they are not recommended for interior countertop use; however they are durable enough to be highly desirable for outdoor countertop use. They can be used quite beautifully in any exterior design or landscaping project that you can imagine and create.


Banas® Antique Black Jumbo Slabs – 48″ x 72″