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Wall Coping


Wall Coping


Wall coping is an essential part of a wall. This acts as the final work that is to be completed at the top of the wall. Our natural stone coping adds significant value by serving as a cover for the wall to provide shelter from the elements, in particular to provide protection from potentially damaging elements such as rain and snow.

Banas Stones® wall coping also provides the finishing piece for your natural stone wall. Without wall coping, a stone wall will often look incomplete, however with the wall coping, a natural stone wall provides a visually continuous outline for your landscaping design and can also potentially serve as seating in your outdoor space.

Wall coping gives your natural stone wall relatively maintenance free protection while offering an additional personalisation option for your walls. Banas Stones® natural stone wall coping comes in a variety of different colours and shapes, providing you the opportunity to either colour coordinate with your walls or to choose a bold colour to create an architectural focal point for your outdoor landscaping project.

Available Finishes

Top Natural, Bottom Calibrated, Edges Rock Face (Hand Dressed)


  • Standard Length : 48”, 60” and 72”
  • Standard Width : 12”, 14”, & 16″
  • Other lengths and widths available upon request

Professional Resources

TextureCoping PDF Spec Sheet