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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts – Sandstone

Sandstone tends to record the history of surface conditions of when the sand originated because of the rapidity with which it forms and the porous nature of the stone. It is because of this tendency to demonstrate the surface conditions when it forms that sandstone tends to have uniform colour throughout the stone, making it the perfect option for a design project that requires consistent colouring.

Interesting Facts – Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of the mineral calcite, which is a crystalline form of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). Limestone often contains variable amounts of silica in the form of Jasper or Flint, as well as amounts of clay, silt, and sand as disseminations, nodules, or layers within the rock unit. The main source of this calcite in limestone is speleothems such as stalagmites and stalactites. The secondary source of calcite is the shells of sea animals and corals.

Interesting Facts – Granite

Raw granite exists internationally most commonly from these countries: Brazil, Norway, India, Spain and the United States. Granite is most commonly used for kitchen countertops, but did you ever think you would be eating off of something radioactive? This complex material has radioactive elements including potassium, thorium and uranium. The fact that it is radioactive is in no way harming to your health as the radioactivity level is way too low to pose problems.

Interesting Facts – Structures

Natural stone harvested from the earth by the earliest civilizations since the beginning of time, as early as when molten lava was forced into the Earth’s crust. This material was utilized to build cathedrals, monuments, museums, houses of government, churches, and homes. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used a variety of natural stone including sandstone, limestone, and granite to construct structures with the intent that the buildings would last forever as both practical buildings to be used daily and as artistic offerings to the nobility and gods.