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Here at Banas Stones we get a lot of questions about our premium natural stones. We put together this Frequently Asked Question page in hopes it will help answer some of your questions quickly. If you need more help or dont find the question listed here, please contact our office by email or by phone (905) 857-9684.

Banas natural stone has been used for interior and exterior applications for decades in Canada & the US and only gets more beautiful with age. Our stones have been tested in this climate for decades and proven to maintain their strength and durability in the toughest of our climate. However, the results could vary due to improper installation.
Banas natural stone has been used for interior and exterior applications for decades in Canada & the US and only gets more beautiful with age. Our stones have been tested in this climate for decades and proven to maintain their strength and durability in the toughest of our climate. However, the results could vary due to improper installation.
Natural stone will last indefinitely. Most of the ancient structures that are still standing today are made of natural stone (i.e. the pyramids, the Roman Coliseum, and Hadrian’s Wall)

Sealing stone depends on where it is to be installed and what type of stone is used. Granite is virtually impenetrable and does not require sealing. Limestone being more dense in formation can be sealed with great results. Sandstone is more porous and does not need to be sealed unless it is in an area with potential for natural staining (leaves, flower petals etc.) and cooking or drinking will occur. Sandstone needs to breathe, therefore sealing with an acrylic or solvent based sealer will trap condensation which will deposit salt, and other impurities to the surface of the stone. We recommend using Banas Stones® Impregnator to seal sandstone as it it water based, breathable and tested to our product. We also recommend using a protective BBQ mat under BBQs. Banas Stones® is not liable for any damages (peeling, discoloring, efflorescence, etc.) that may occur after sealing or external treatment is applied to any Banas Stones® with a Non-Banas Stones product. Sealing with Non-Banas Stones product will void all Banas Stones® warranties.

Kindly note our Banas Limited Lifetime Warranty excludes Banas Ivory® as it is to be discontinued. For more information please contact our office by email or phone (905) 857-9684.

Stone can usually be cleaned by simply using soap and water. Brushes can also be used to scrub stone, however do not use metal wire brushes as they will scratch the stone finish. Pressure washers are recommended to clean stubborn dirt buildup, but should be used cautiously on stones with fine finishes (Venetian Line) as it may leave marks. Do not use acidic or solvent based products to clean natural stone. These types of products will damage and discolour the stone. Natural stains such as food and most beverages will naturally fade over time. We also recommend using a protective BBQ mat in cooking areas.

Iron when exposed to air & water will result in rust stains. In lighter shades, naturally occurring rust marks could be more prominent. Rusting is a natural phenomenon that varies depending on the surrounding environment. Natural rust marks will appear as small lines or tiny spots with the possibility of disappearing over time. There is virtually no cure for these kinds of smaller rust marks. However, larger areas that show rust could be due to foreign droppings or immigrated minerals or salts from the subsoil or foundation. Banas Stones® has no control over naturally occurring rust, extra precaution should be taken to prevent any droppings that may further stain the stone. For superficial rust stains Banas Stones® has a Rust Remover which can be used to treat them safely.

All natural stone will have some variation in colours. This consistency varies depending on the colour chosen. For example, Banas Flint, Banas Beige, Banas Grey, etc. have a more consistent colour while Banas Bronte, Banas Lavender, Banas Fossil etc have considerable variation in tone with swirls & inclusions. Please ask our knowledgeable sales staff to help you choose the best stone for your particular taste & application.

It depends on the nature of the stone and the surface treatment. When limestone is split, it naturally has a fine texture while sandstone has more topographical relief. Granite can be bush hammered to make a pebbled surface or flamed to a finer texture. We do have other surface finishes available to suit any landscaping project.

Darker-coloured natural stone, such as Kota Black, that has been exposed to the sun can experience fading over time. Feel free to call us if you want to know more about which stone will fade more than others.

Rough stone can be used either indoor or outdoor. Many people like the rustic look of stone floors, mantles, and wall and hearth stones. Principally however, it is used for outdoor applications such as patios, walkways, pools and outdoor kitchens.

Our stone comes in various sizes depending on your requirements:

Paver or flagstone: Thickness: 25mm+/-1mm or 30mm+/-1mm, Dimensions: 300mm x 600mm, 450mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 900mm.

Coping: Thickness: 1” or 2”, Dimensions: 12”, 14″ or 16” width and lengths of 48”, 60” and 72”

Steps: Thickness: 6” or 7″, Dimensions: 16” width and lengths or 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” & 96”

Pier Caps: Thickness: 3”, Dimensions: 20” x 20”, 24” x 24”, 28” x 28” & 30” x 30”

Jumbo Slabs: Thickness: 2”, Dimensions: 24” x 48”, 24” x 60”, 24” x 72”, 24” x 96”, 36” x 72”, 48” x 72”, 36” x 96”, 48” x 96”

We also offer custom sizes. Please contact our office for more information by email or to locate a dealer near you by phone (905)857-9684.

There are patterns used for laying the stone which depend on the size of area as well as the number of different sizes used. We recommend our clients use their own imagination in creating their personal oasis. We have all sizes and colours available to suit your tastes and needs.

Stone pavers can be used for a driveway provided that the base is well constructed and the surface is thoroughly sealed.

We have numerous dealers across Canada and the United States. Please contact our office by email or by phone (905) 857-9684 to locate a dealer near you.

We carry a large stock of all of our products therefore normally your order can be picked up the same day unless it requires custom cutting.

Depending on the size small projects can be custom cut right on our premises. For larger projects or particularly unique patterns custom cutting is done in India and requires 8 to 10 weeks for completion and shipping.

It is important to choose stone that is optimized for its intended purpose. Some Banas Stones® products may be more tolerant than others due to the porous nature of natural stone including certain sandstone, limestone and granite – its surface may be absorbent making it a poor choice for areas that droppings may occur. (e.g. – Wet Leaves, Fruits, Seeds, Pine Cones, etc.) For more information on which stone is best suited for your landscape project please contact the office by email or by phone (905) 857-9684.

We do not recommend the use of salt during the winter season on any Banas products, as it can cause fading and damages to the stone. We recommend using Sand.

Banas sealers have been proven to provide excellent protection to natural stone products, however, not all sealers should be applied on all stone types. We DO NOT recommend using the Banas Colour Intensifier on our sandstone products.

The Banas Colour Intensifier sealer should only be used on limestone & granites. The Banas Impregnator Sealer can be used on all 3 stone types: sandstone, limestone & granite.

Banas Stones is not responsible for any misuse of this product. We recommend speaking with your trusted dealer for more information.

We recommend that all light colored stones including but not limited to Banas Ivory, Banas Beige, Banas Lavender, Banas Flint, Banas Grey, Banas Fossil, etc. not be installed on sand or limestone screening. Please note that light colored natural stone should be installed on concrete, gravel or HPB (High Performance Bedding) for better drainage. These stones will easily pickup stains from water running above or below due to the porousness of natural stone. Sandstone being of a porous nature acts as a wick for the moisture content, drying from the base up towards the surface of the flagstone. The tiny particles can be carried upwards by water and left on the surface as the water evaporates, creating a more or less permanent stain.

Please note: Banas Ivory is NOT covered under any warranty for any current/ previous purchases. This product will be discontinued solely in 2016. This includes and is not limited to exchanges, quality and damages such as stains, oxidization, discolouring and fading.

Banas Stones® offers our customers the highest quality of ethically produced and environmentally sustainable natural stone products that are quarried with pride. For over 25 years, our high levels of integrity as quarry and factory owners has allowed Banas Stones® to deliver supreme quality standards while ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing. Banas Stones® takes pride in offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Banas Stones® Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that from the date of purchase our products including but not limited to all sandstone, limestone and granite pavers/flagstone, coping/treads, steps/risers, pier caps and jumbo slabs are free from processing defects.

Banas Stones® guarantees the structural integrity of all our landscaping products for a lifetime of 50 years. Banas Stones® will substitute, free of cost, any defective material with original proof of purchase including invoices, packing slips and original crate labels from an authorized Banas Stones® dealer.

To verify the authenticity of Banas Stones® products, ensure that all crates are labeled with “BANAS”. All labour, installation and delivery expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

Exclusions to our warranty include the following:

  • Improper installation (See our installation guide for proper installation procedures)
  • Cutting or modification of the stone by a 3rd party
  • All non-Banas impregnators, sealers and stain repellants
  • Washing with acid, acid based or acidic products
  • Abusive snow removal equipment
  • Excessive use of salt or other chemicals for snow/ice melting

Failure to comply with proper installation procedures will void any warranty provided.

Banas Stones® is not liable for any damages (peeling, discolouring, efflorescence, etc.) that may occur after sealing or external treatment is applied on any Banas Stones® product. Applying any non-Banas products will void all Banas Stones® warranties.

Kindly note that we do not recommend acid or solvent based cleaners, as the resulting damage can appear far worse than the original stains.

Banas Stones is solely a distribution centre located in Bolton, ON.

We sell in mass crate quantities and therefore only cater to our loyal and dedicated dealers and suppliers.

Please call us to inquire what dealer is closest to your location!

Banas Stones has displays at all of our dealers locations across North America, making it a quick and convenient way to browse our collections!

We provide samples directly to our suppliers, and highly recommend inquiring with them in regards to obtaining any sample pieces.