Pier Caps

Pier Caps or Pillar Caps complete, protect and accentuate the look of a pillar or column. Banas Stones® has shapes that provide pleasing architectural finish and effective protection for your pillars and columns. A pillar cap serves both as the aesthetic crowning piece of a pillar as well as the low maintenance weather protection top piece of any pillar or pier.

Banas Stones® natural stone pier caps come in both sawn or hand dressed edges, giving you the option to choose a geometrical, sharp edged look for a sleek, modern design or a natural look for a country garden oasis. Our pillar caps also come in either natural or calibrated bottoms, giving you the flexibility to have a sleek, modern look or a more natural, flowing look to your pillars or piers.

Pier Caps can also be used as oversized pavers or for a variety of other different uses. We also offer custom made caps and other products to complement and enhance your landscaping or outdoor designs.

Finish: Top Natural or Shotblasted (Venetian Line), Bottom Calibrated or Sawn, Edges Hand Dressed.


  • 20″ x 20″, 24″ x 24″, 28″ x 28″, 30″ x 30″


  • Bottom Calibrated: 3″
  • Other thicknesses and custom sizes available upon request.


Banas Lavender, Banas Slate Grey, Banas Imperial Black, Banas Brown, Banas Bronte, Kota Black, Banas Beige, Silver Grey, Banas Dove Grey, Banas Flint, Banas Fossil, Jet Black, Antique Black, Sombre, Venetian Crema, Venetian Mist, Black Pearl, Casper, Graphite Black and Ocean Mist.

Contact us to find a local dealer or to request a custom size. Contact your Banas Stones® supplier today to see what’s in stock!

Banas® Slate Grey Pier Caps – 24″ x 24″