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Processing Stone

Banas Stones® owns and operates factories where the quarried stone is processed. The processing plant is where our premium quality natural stone is split, cut, and put through our strict quality assurance processes.

State of the art machinery and technology is used by highly skilled employees to ensure every possible finish and texture on natural stone is as ordered. This high level of control allows us to maintain the highest quality standards while at the same time ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing. Customers are able to order custom sizes of our products in a timely manner and can be guaranteed of our commitment to deliver only the highest quality natural stone.

All employees have training regularly to learn the latest techniques for preparing and cutting our natural stone products. Training is able to keep employees up to date with current processing and safety techniques to ensure safety and that our high quality standard products are maintained. Natural stone cut at our factories goes through our strict quality assurance process before being approved for shipping to our distribution centre in Canada.

To verify the authenticity of Banas® natural stone products, make sure that all crates are labeled with “BANAS” followed by a crate number. For more information please call the distribution centre (905) 857-9684 if you have any questions or concerns.