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Packaging Stone

Banas Stones® has a dedicated packaging plant in India where our natural stones are packed with the utmost care and minimal disturbance once arrived to the destination. Prior to packing, the natural stones are inspected to ensure there are no flaws. By taking ownership of every step of the mining, cutting, and shipping processes, Banas Stones® can guarantee that only our highest quality stone products are sent to customers. Padding is used when packing to reduce the likelihood of chipping or other damages that can occur during transportation. Each crate is carefully crafted to ensure that our stone gets to our yard and consequently to our customers in sterling condition. This creates and maintains high value through our careful management of the supply chain.

Every crate that leaves our facility has a crate number burned into the wood along with a label displaying the content, crate number, size, number of pieces, and colour. These crate numbers allow Banas Stones® to track the stone from the quarries to the factories and finally to the purchasing customer. Our number system has proven to be extremely useful for reordering purposes, particularly when a few years have passed between the orders and the information regarding the original name of the stone has been forgotten or misplaced.

To verify the authenticity of Banas® natural stone products, make sure that all crates are labeled with “BANAS” followed by a crate number. For more information please call the distribution centre (905) 857-9684 if you have any questions or concerns.