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Our Quarries

Banas Stones® has twenty operating quarries to extract premium quality sandstone, limestone, and granite products across the Indian subcontinent. The quarries are equipped with state of the art machinery and technology, as well as highly skilled and motivated workers to provide customers with a wide variety of sizes, colours and textures to choose from.

Banas Stones® has provided employment to over 750 highly motivated personnel including mining engineers and quality control inspectors. All employees in the Banas® group are equipped with modern safety and productivity enhancing tools, ensuring our quarries are run in accordance with the latest environmentally friendly mine management methods.

To verify the authenticity of Banas® natural stone products, make sure that all crates are labeled with “BANAS” followed by a crate number.

For more information please call the distribution centre (905) 857-9684 if you have any questions or concerns.