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Ethics & Sustainablity


Any product is only as good as its ethical practices. Banas Stones® does not buy stone through a broker, rather we own our quarries and it is processed in our own factories before it becomes a part of your personal oasis. Not only does this give us complete control but also total responsibility for the working conditions. “Safety and Quality” is such an important part of our business culture, that we have made it part of our logo. We are proud to have a 100% safety record in our quarries which effectively helps us retain the best workforce in the industry. Continuously working towards improving safety and working conditions in our factories helps us attract new employees while retaining the best talent.

Banas Stones® is proud to own the quarries and factories, which gives us complete control as well as total responsibility of working conditions and well being of all employees. Employees receive competitive wages, take ownership of all work being done and invest themselves in our natural stone product with the utmost professionalism and quality of work. The Banas® group is constantly improving and implementing new safety and working conditions to attract new employees, as well as retain our current dedicated workforce. In a free working environment, our workers are absolutely free to form and/or be a part of various committees and/or trade unions.

As one of the first quarries to provide free on site health care to our employees we are constantly finding ways to improve working conditions as well as living standard for the community at large. Free transport to and from schools, and free schooling to the children of our workers provides opportunities for the future. Formed in 2011, “Banas Stones Welfare Fund India” provides support for higher education to these children and we are proud to have sponsored brilliant students for higher studies.


Sustainability is a serious challenge when it comes to the mining industry. This leads to the reason why Banas Stones® has always stepped up its efforts to become more sustainable in order to not only fulfill our moral obligation to the society as a whole, but to also build goodwill and positive perception of our brand. In general, the mining industry involves natural resources and it could have an impact on natural resources and surrounding environment, at Banas Stones® we make sure that while maintaining close relationship with the concerned government, private and non-profit agencies, we strive to continuously work towards minimizing how our operations negatively affect the environment , we comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and continually improve in all that relates to environmental management.

Our product is shipped in only natural sustainable wood to prevent the introduction of insects from other countries into the Canadian ecosystem. Each crate is fumigated to reduce any potential environmental impact of bringing natural stone products from one continent to another. Before the final shipment to the distribution centre in Canada, every crate passes through our stringent quality control process to ensure that only the best product goes to our customers. In our efforts to promoting safety and ethical standards, we take into account the lumber used when shipping products and ensure that all wood is fumigated before being packaged.

Banas Stones® strives to promote environmental initiatives at our quarries and have taken the responsibility to be environmentally friendly. Each year, trees are planted as part of a campaign, throughout areas that we are no longer mining, to minimize and reduce our environmental impact.