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Banas Ivory Discontinued 2018

Banas Ivory has a warm, cream, off-white colour, and a fine sandblasted surface texture. In shaded areas, it lightens and brightens, while on sunny patios or pool areas, the light and color is cooler to walk on barefoot.

Being the newest addition to our sandstone collection, Banas Ivory is extremely versatile for many situations including traditional and contemporary designs due to its attractive slip-resistant texture.

Finish: Top Sawn or Sandblasted, Bottom Natural or Calibrated, Edges Sawn.


  • 300mm x 600mm, 450mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm and 900mm x 600mm. Custom sizes available upon request.


  • Bottom Natural : 25mm – 35mm
  • Bottom Calibrated: 25mm ± 1mm

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions on how to maintain light coloured stones.

***Please note: Banas Ivory is NOT covered under any warranty for any current/ previous purchases. This product will be discontinued solely in 2016. This includes and is not limited to exchanges, quality and damages such as stains, oxidization, discolouring and fading.***

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