Top 5 Natural Stone Options For Your Home

Natural StoneThe right choice of natural stone can help to give any look to your home, be it is modern, traditional, minimalist, classy, vintage, rustic or medieval. It refers that you have endless possibilities for your home design ideas by using natural stone.

Nevertheless, it is essential to know what kind of stone you can opt for to install in new surfaces of your property. For this, here is a list of different types of natural stones and their uses in your home.

  1. MarbleMarble is known as an excellent choice for your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring and stair treads. It can take high polish than other stones.
  2. GraniteThis is one of the hardest stones and mostly chosen due to its uniqueness as no slab is ever the same as another. Granite is chosen for bridges, paving, kitchen countertops, showers, floors, wall panels or backsplashes.
  3. LimestoneLimestone is another choice for bathroom walls, floors, countertops and fireplaces. It is chosen due to its versatility, dependability, consistency, durability and cost-efficiency.
  4. TravertineTravertine is a popular choice for home flooring, although it is often chosen in exterior designs and showers. Its colour ranges from white to grayish and reddish to yellowish shade. This natural stone is a perfect choice if you are looking for an interesting and original pattern.
  5. SlateThis one is a fine-grained metamorphic which has been utilized for centuries. You can create an attractive surface by using a wide variety of slate. It can absorb the minimal moisture and known as the low maintenance and heavy rock to provide excellent protection. This is why the slate surface is primarily used in roofing, patio, sidewalks and flooring.

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